Talk Socialism

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We're a political eduction group with a purpose

We want to change the framework in which millions of people think about political questions.

By running reading groups, workshops and training sessions, we are building a group of people who want to champion socialist policies in their day to day lives.

Whether that's within the Labour Party, the wider Labour movement, community groups or public forums online, at work, at university, in the pub – everywhere.

People change minds ‐ face to face

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The Way of the Activist

If you want to know the answers, buy the book

If you already know the answer to all these questions, you should buy this book to see if you’re right, then give it to a friend

The Way of the Activist distils research from social psychology, communication theory, anthropology, economics and political activism into one short book.  It’s broken down into short, self-contained chapters designed to be read in about ten minutes each, and assumes no prior knowledge or experience.

It is the perfect starting place for an activist’s political education and would be ideal to start a discussion group around.

If you want some evidence-based research on what motivates people, how people think, or the basics of group dynamics, this is the book for you.

Talk Socialism is a wonderful initiative.

John McDonnell

Politics is changing. We have to know: how their economies work, what strengths we have, the need for a principled leadership – and the determination to organise and win. This book will be a useful addition to our armoury, along with class consciousness and a good alarm clock!

Ken Loach